At Inner Life, our work begins with a  comprehensive evaluation to determine what services might be most beneficial for individuals and families. After this evaluation is complete, the therapuetic relationship begins. 


We offer a personalized approach to treatment. Our clinicians specialize in anxiety, depression, family changes, divorce, grief, trauma, self-esteem, behavioral troubles, bullying, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and more. Most work is conducted in individual therapy.

Parent Guidance

When parents are looking for a way to help their child with a concern, parent guidance is an excellent option. We offer a place for parents to further understand the meaning of their child’s behavior and feelings. In this type of work, the parent explores with the therapist and makes the changes within the home for the child. 

Guiding Grandparents

Grandparents are stepping in and taking on a lot of responsibility with their grandchildren. Dr. Napleton offers sessions to discuss all things grandparenting:child rearing a second time, navigating relationships with children and inlaws, setting and sticking to boundaries, working on self-care so you can still enjoy your time, and so much more. 

Online Therapy

Dr. Colleen Napleton provides online therapy sessions. Online therapy is also referred to as telehealth or telepsychology. It can be a very helpful option for busy professionals and parents who don't have excess time. It is recommended that occasional sessions also be held in person. VSee is the platform that we use. You can download a free account to your phone or computer. 

Psychological Assessment

 One of our evaluators can provide you with a comprehesive evaluation that focuses on intelligence, academic achievement and personality. These assessments can be especially helpful for understanding strengths and weaknesses when it comes to school and work tasks. We test preschool aged children, school aged children, adolescents and adults.


We work with allied professionals to address the emotional well-being of those they serve.