Ashley Bush, LCSWTherapist

    Ashley Bush is a clinical licensed social worker who provides individual psychotherapy, play therapy and parent/ child dyadic therapy for folks of ALL ages (including babies). Ashley sees herself as a partner to her clients in processing all of the things that make life difficult; and learning to identify and tolerate their emotional responses to life’s stressors. She works with teens and adults on anxiety, life transitions, relationships, family of origin impacts and mood disorders. Ashley uses her insight of early childhood to help her clients of all ages to reflect on how their early life experiences impact who they are and how they experience their world. Ashley often works with caregivers and young children together when behavior, relationship, attachment, and developmental concerns arise.  Ashley is trained in Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) a play therapy that supports young children and their caregivers to cope with significant stress, major changes, transitions and other traumas.  She helps parents communicate with their children about difficult topics while fostering connection and fun.

    Ashley graduated from the University of Washington with a Master of Social Work degree and an Infant Mental Health Graduate Certificate. Ashley practiced as a clinical social worker first in early intervention supporting young children in foster care and their caregivers. She then practiced as a psychotherapist at Metropolitan Family Services working with young children, teens and adults. Ashley most recently provided developmental assessments, referral and consultation services through Erikson Institute.

    As a clinical social worker, Ashley is always considering how our communities, environments, race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion and biological makeup shape who we are and how we experience the world. Ashley is currently accepting new clients.

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