Colleen Napleton, Psy.D.Executive Director

    Dr. Colleen Napleton (she/her) is a clinical psychologist who provides individual therapy to work on current difficulties such as anxiety, dissatisfaction,  life transitions, dating, anger, difficulty saying no or setting boundaries, shyness, relationship struggles, and parenting. Dr. Napleton also addresses difficulties from the past that are impacting the present such as family of origin feelings, not having had the best parents for you, patterns that you want to stop repeating, and understanding how the past impacts your current needs and how you get them met. Some specialty groups Dr. Napleton works with as patients are therapists in training, those who have never tried therapy before, business owners, millennials,  folx who identify as LGBTQ+, high level professionals, parents of young children.

    Dr. Napleton is the Executive Director and Founder of Inner Life Psychological Services. Prior to its opening, she worked as a therapist at a therapeutic preschool in Cleveland where she saw young children and adolescents through the outpatient clinic. Dr. Napleton also trained at the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago which is a long-term residential treatment center. Through her experiences and trainings, Dr. Napleton learned that the therapeutic relationship is the most important tool in creating change.


    Proud Member of the Pediatric Specialists Network 


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