Karen HicksTherapist

    Karen received a Master’s of Counseling Psychology with a concentration in marriage and family therapy from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology; prior to this, she received a master’s in business administration and worked as an accountant for multiple years before returning to her true passion of psychology. Having facilitated a career change herself, she has firsthand knowledge of administering life changes.

    She specializes in helping those who are navigating mood disorders, trauma, life changes, relationship challenges, race issues, and executive functioning skills. Karen believes that the patient is the expert on their life, and she uses a blended therapeutic approach to help others cultivate the course they desire. Karen feels a strong therapeutic alliance is the foundation of the therapeutic process.

    Before joining the Inner Life team, Karen worked extensively with children who had experienced trauma. As a member of an interdisciplinary team, she helped patients acquire strategies that allowed them to develop practical skills while building social connections.

    Therapy is often viewed as a one-way relationship; however, Karen has found that as her patients grow and change, she too changes and grows. Karen embarked on a career as a mental health professional due to her dedication to help others. Being a therapist brings her great joy, and she considers it an honor to be privy to another’s growth. Karen’s hope is to help others see that there is a therapeutic value in talking about life’s difficulties.

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