Thomas F. Barrett, Ph.D.Therapist

    Dr. Thomas Barrett is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who works with children, adolescents, couples, and adults of all ages in a strength-based and relationship-engaged process. His work with infants, toddlers and children of all ages has prepared him to engage in effective developmental guidance work with parents. Dr. Barrett has extensive experience in working with parents who have adopted children and with parents who are striving to work through the challenges of being divorced. With both children and teenagers, Dr. Barrett always includes parallel work with parents to support and improve communication and understanding. He helps adolescents gain confidence and self-esteem as they transition into adulthood. He supports young adult’s engagement in work and relationships. He helps older adults reflect on past accomplishments and disappointments, resulting in a greater capacity to bear loneliness, enjoy solitude, and experience the generativity that leads to fulfillment and satisfaction. Dr. Barrett has successfully worked with persons of all ages who wish to avoid or discontinue the use of psychotropic medications. Dr. Barrett’s approach is grounded in a development perspective that appreciates the essential connection between body and mind and recognizes how past experiences and relationships, as well as things outside of our conscious awareness, influence our present-day feelings and behavior. He sees people at the Chicago location. 

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