Scott Kupferschmidt, LCSWTherapist
    Scott Kupferschmidt is a licensed clinical social worker currently working with adults and emerging adults experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, transitions and life changes. As a career changer, Scott understands keenly the challenges of exploring (and recreating) one’s identity as an adult, managing oneself in the face of extraordinarily stressful work environments,  and coping with drastic life transitions, whether planned or unexpected.
    Scott uses an eclectic approach to therapy. This can take the form of helping clients to make immediate and specific changes to their behavior or thinking. Alternately, he works with folks to explore more deeply their lives and emotions to unpack heavier burdens. Scott believes strongly that his role as a therapist can change depending on the needs of a client. That said, his warmth, compassion, genuine empathy, and consistency are the bedrock upon which he builds a trusting therapeutic relationship.
    After completing his MSW, Scott received post-graduate training in trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, and is currently enrolled with Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis to explore psychodynamic approaches to therapeutic work. Prior to Inner Life, Scott worked as a hospital social worker and as a community mental health therapist with adults, adolescents, and children with trauma. Before working as a therapist, Scott had a long career in the hospitality industry.
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